Tomorrow’s Trade Portfolio for Wed Nov 15 2023

Nov 15, 2023 | Tomorrows Trade Portfolio, Trade Alerts and Ideas

Tomorrow's Trade Portfolio - Trades for November 2023

For Wed Nov 15 2023 the Tomorrow’s Trade Portfolio returns after an 8 week hold to protect the portfolio from any possible losses. The stock chosen for Nov 15 is a large cap stock that has been in and out of this portfolio for many years. The stock was in a strong downtrend and is attempting a rebound. There are 6 trade ideas outlined. I plan to enter at least 2 of the trade ideas but if the stock dips I may enter a third trade.

The Tomorrow’s Trade Portfolio is designed for those investors who want to place trades in just one stock each day with limited time spent watching stocks but with a focus on protection of capital as well as earning profits. The Tomorrow’s Trade Portfolio is designed to be more conservative than the other portfolios and is often halted during periods of uncertainty, downturns or high volatility.

Make sure to read the introductory comments and the trade outline comments for the Tomorrow’s Trade to determine suitability. Remember you always trade at your own risk. What you read are my ideas only. I am not a financial planner or advisor. I have no financial accreditations. What you are are for education and entertainment purposes. Only commit capital when you are comfortable knowing the risks involved with your investing.

Tomorrow’s Trade Portfolio Ideas for Wed Nov 15 2023 


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