Tomorrow’s Trade Portfolio For October 2017

While still working on updating on the Tomorrow’s Trade for June through to September 2017, I have started into updating the October trades to assist investors following this portfolio in October.

First Week of October

For the first week of October the Portfolio earned $1838 against capital in use of $63,000. This earned 2.9% for the first week of October 2017.

Goal of 30% Return Attainable

For the 2017 year the goal was to achieve a 30% rate of return. This should be more than attainable with the portfolio above that amount already in 2017.

Review Trades

By keeping the portfolio up-to-date daily investors can follow along more closely to see how trades are adjusted when necessary. To quick locate the Tomorrow’s Trade, on the member’s home page go to the This Week Outlook & Trades section, right hand side of most pages and select the Tomorrow’s Trade Portfolio from the list.

View the this week outlook & trades

View the this week outlook & trades

Also on every Tomorrow’s Trade article go to the bottom of the page under the heading “Review Tomorrow’s Trade 2017 By Months” and select from the various months to see a full outline of the daily trades.

Bottom of every Tomorrow’s Trade has monthly links

Grow Capital Slowly

What the Tomorrow’s Trade Portfolio continues to show investors is that spectacular gains can be made through focusing on just a handful of stocks and controlling risk to the capital being used. The idea of the Tomorrow’s Trade Portfolio is to grow capital slowly. Small trades can mushroom into a strong return and a much bigger portfolio without risking capital in a huge number of trades.

Couch Potato Investing – Holding A Full-Time Job

I get asked often if there isn’t a way to invest and hold down a full-time job. The Tomorrow’s Trade Portfolio definitely fits that need. Trades are outlined the night before and investors can simply place their trade orders before the markets open. Then at the close of the day they can check their trades and make adjustments where needed or if not filled during the day. This is one of the styles of investing I used when I was holding down a full-time job and could not sit in front of my trading monitor, throughout the day.

Review October 2017

For members, here are all the trades for the month of October 2017.

The Tomorrow’s Trade Portfolio updates are for FullyInformed members.

Tomorrow’s Trade Portfolio For October 2017


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