Stock Market Trading Category Added to Members Section

A new category has been added to the Members Section of my website. Stock Market Trading is a category designed to delve deeper into the stock markets themselves and different ways to trade against the indexes. This Stock Market Trading includes ETFs, the Spy ETF, various options as well as the Ultra ETFs. Every night I write-up the market direction outlook for the next day, but I wanted a category in which I can discuss Stock Market Trading ideas and concepts as well as present ongoing trades I have done for that day. I also wanted a section where I can layout the setup I am looking at for the next day and present the strategy I would consider using to profit from the market direction up or down.

On the Members Section I have a Market Direction View category which I have enjoyed, where I have followed candlestick charting analysis. However it does not allow for more personal observations on the market direction outlook, suggestions for investors on how to approach Stock Market Trading in general and how to become a better investor through a deeper understanding of trading against the S&P 500, Dow, NASDAQ and the Toronto Stock Exchange indexes.

Stock Market Trading

When markets are in an upturn such as they were at the start of the year there are many methods to enjoy significant profits through  following a variety of strategies that can be applied to Stock Market Trading. For example buying the SSO ProShares Ultra S&P500 on January 2 when a buy signal was generated and selling it on Feb 20 would have resulted in a 7.1% gain. However trading SSO  just 4 times during the month would have realized an overall gains of 12.5%. But going one step further, buying the SSO calls during the same period would have returned 57% if traded 12 times between Jan 2 and Feb 19.

Stock Market Trading

Stock Market Trading the SSO ETF Jan-Feb 2013

This is just one of a number of trades that are interesting and profitable to look at. By having the Stock Market Trading category I have an area where I can quickly post short comments during the day to show investors how I am approach Stock Market Trading at different times during the day as well as look at the overall market direction.

It is also an area where FullyInformed Members can ask questions directly.

Stock Market Trading For Feb 20 2013

Today’s first article looks at today’s trade on the Dow Index done with DXD UltraShort ETF. In the article I explain through a series of charts taken at different times during the day, how I viewed the Dow Index, how I decided to enter the trade, how I laid out my chart and what made me enter and exit the trades when I did. I then explain what the setup should look like for the next trading day (Feb 21) and what I will be looking at during the day.

To read today’s Stock Market Trading article Members can login directly through this link or Members can login here. Non-members can join here. This first article is 10 pages in length with 2300 words.