Shorting The XRT ETF – Investor Questions – Oct 3 2018

Investor Questions

On the members forums Amy was pondering shorting the XRT ETF, retail ETF, especially following’s decision to raise their starting salary to $15 an hour. Let’s review her questions and look at some ideas:

Investor Questions:

Any thoughts on shorting or selling calls on some retail names that might get hurt by this AMZN wage increase? TGT has it in their plan, but WMT pays $10, and MANY others pay less. If they have to raise wages, there go margins, no?

Correction, Walmart is increasing its starting wage rate for hourly employees in the U.S. to $11, after passage of the tax law. Amy

Some Ideas:

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Shorting The XRT ETF – Investor Questions – Oct 3 2018

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