Sell-off Day – Investing Strategy Notes After The Close for Jul 7 2020

Investing Strategy Notes After The Close

The drop today is a loss of 1.08% for the S&P. I had expected a bounce once the S&P reached 3150 but that didn’t happen. While disappointing this doesn’t change the overall outlook which is bullish.

Some interesting news today including Walmart’s announcement of a “Prime-like” membership service which should boost that stock’s value and allow for more trades.

As well after hours, LEVI announced better than expected earnings but also showed that E-Commerce is growing.

There were a lot of trades done today which members can review here.

Remember today is the last day of the 4th of July special. Sale prices are as low as $39.70 a month. The special prices offered won’t be repeated after today. You can review all details and special offerings here.

I want to mention that the one market breadth trade from today would pay for a 24 month membership in a single trade of a week and a half. It isn’t difficult to generate profits when selling put options for income. The key is to setup trades at price points where the capital being risked, is protected from losses. It is harder to keep repairing trades to recover lost capital, than it is to setup the trade correctly the first time and then enjoy profits consistently and repeatedly. That’s how a portfolio can grow quickly. I hope investors will take advantage of the 4th of July specials. The special memberships end tonight at midnight.

I will be posting Wednesday’s watch list earlier today than usual.

....The rest of the After The Close Investing Strategy Notes are for FullyInformed Members.  

Sell-off Day – Investing Strategy Notes After The Close for Jul 7 2020