Trading For Pennies Strategy – Rules And Revisions

After spending two days reviewing all the IWM ETF Trading For Pennies strategy trades from October 1st I have come up with 7 rules and some revisions that make the Trading For Pennies Strategy more consistent, profitable and picked Day of Time needs. The goal is to create a string of winning trades that losing trades cannot impact. There is little point in trading all day and then having one bad trade wipe out the day’s work. Changes made are significant including dropping the Ultimate Oscillator and adding the Williams %R. As I work my way through the strategy there are further enhancements to be made including figuring how to place the strategy into a portfolio for longer-term use and gains as well as the possibility of staying with the underlying trend of IWM longer for bigger returns.

Working my way through the strategy to improve it, allows investors to gain first hand knowledge of how they can develop their own strategies including steps necessary to tweak it and improve it to the point where it can be used consistently. I have enjoyed all the emails and comments from readers and now this strategy is moving into a new stage. The next few days I will be using this strategy daily and continuing to fine tune it. Then it will be time to delve into how to incorporate the strategy fully into a portfolio as well as looking at better gains. This article is for Fullyinformed Members. To view the ongoing trades go to the home page of the members section and view the far left column marked TRADE ALERTS. To see all the trades, select the heading “TRADE ALERTS” itself and it will open to a page listing all the trades by date. Any questions e-mail

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