PepsiCo Stock – Trade Alert – Stopped Out of PEP Stock

On Wednesday I sold naked puts in PepsiCo Stock (PEP Stock) into Nov options expiry at the $70 put strike for .88 cents. I also bought shares in PepsiCo Stock for $70.09 and was looking for a bounce above $71.00

I had my sell in yesterday for $71.00, however PepsiCo Stock failed to reach $71.00. This morning I was stopped out at $70.55 near the open.

PepsiCo Stock Issued No Buy Signal

PepsiCo Stock has not received a buy signal yet from MACD. MACD came close yesterday but failed to issue the needed buy signal. I had bought on Wednesday and based on the charts for Wednesday I thought there would be a bounce on Thursday or Friday that would take the stock back above $71.00. I had my order to sell in at $71.00 but did not get a fill as PepsiCo Stock rose just to $70.91. I should have sold there in hindsight. This morning I was stopped out at $70.55 within the first couple of minutes of trading.

PepsiCo Stock - no buy signal

Technical Indicators for PepsiCo Stock on Oct 19 2012

PepsiCo Stock Technical Readings At Noon Oct 19 2012

The PepsiCo Stock Technical Readings for noon on October 19 2012 show:

A) MACD remains neutral with no buy or sell signal having been generated.

B) The Slow Stochastic is almost neutral on PepsiCo Stock with a K period of 37.91 and D period of 38.16

C) The Fast Stochastic is slightly bullish still even with the morning selling.

I am still monitoring the stock and I may once again buy shares in PepsiCo Stock for another try at a bounce. Meanwhile I am contemplating selling the January $67.50 puts if the stock keeps moving lower and closes below $70.00 today.

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