Option And Stock Trades For March 29 2012

With this morning’s market weakness here are my option and stock trades for March 29 2012. I am still holding back a lot of capital as I am hoping that my market timing indicators are correct that more weakness lies ahead.

The traders almanac also indicates that the last two trading days of March have been down in 12 of the last 17 years. Meanwhile though the Russell 2000 has been up in the last 13 of 17 years. Interesting statistic for sure.

Today’s weakness is to be expected and I will review the market this evening and post any additional market timing information.

Option And Stock Trades – March 29 2012

Microsoft Stock

Anyway this morning I made the mistake of buying to close my 21April $31 Microsoft Stock puts for .07 cents. BIG MISTAKE. I ended up getting them at .07 cents and then realized that I had bought to close the weekly April 5 put.

I then turned around and asked for .08 cents and sold them for .01 cent more! Just goes to show how old I am getting. I need better glasses. Heaven help me if they come out with mid-weekly puts!

I sold 5 Naked Puts For May $30 on Microsoft Stock for .36 as I want to scale into eventually holding 20 put contracts on Microsoft Stock but I do believe there is more downside in the stock to come, possibly as soon as tomorrow.

BMO Stock (Bank Of Montreal)

In my retirement account I bought 500 shares of BMO Stock on the TSX this morning for $58.70. I have sold them at 2:30 PM for $59.17 although BMO Stock does look like it could move higher. I still think BMO Stock will pull back further either late in the day or over the next few days. It has been having trouble above $59.50.

In my Canada Stock Portfolio I Sold 5 puts for BMO Stock at the May $58 strike for $1.00 this morning. So far that has been the high of the day. Last week I sold 5 for $1.14 for May $58.00. This will give me 1000 shares is the stock is put to me. I expect May could easily see the stock back below $58.00.

FTS Stock (Fortis Energy)

In my Retirement Portfolio I bought 1000 shares of FTS Stock this morning at 31.72 and I have unloaded it all at $32.25 around 2:45 this afternoon.

On PepsiCo Stock I don’t know if anyone read the news about their approval for China. This could easily get the stock moving over the short and long term. I will be watching this stock for weakness and probably trying to scale back in again.

T Stock and Verizon Stock

The downgrades today have not really damaged these stocks yet. Yesterday RBC Capital downgraded both as well. I will be watching T Stock for any opportunities to do some put selling below $30.00 again. That would be wonderful.