Nucor Stock (NUE) Trade Alert and Trade Ideas for Dec 18 2014

I started selling put options against Nucor Stock in 2010. This company has a terrific management team which helped steer it successfully through the credit crisis. At the height of the crisis and the depths of the bear market Nucor Stock was trading around $25 to $26. Management held the dividend and kept the annual increase. They did a wonderful job.This year at a number of times the company stock became overvalued. I pulled back at those times and held off selling puts as I felt the stock would return to fair value.

Nucor stock trades on New York under the symbol NUE. It has one of the longer annual increasing dividend track records.

This is another trade being done to assist in boosting my year-end return. Today’s trade alert and trade ideas outlines my strategy, outlook for Nucor Stock and a number of other trade ideas. All the ideas and my own trades are within the context of the cautious stance I outlined in my recent extended Market Direction Outlook. The rest of this article is for USA Members.

Nucor Stock Trade Alert

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