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Trading For Pennies 2012 Trades – IWM ETF

Dec 7, 2012 | Latest, Trading For Pennies, Trading For Pennies FULL TRADES INDEX

IWM Trades - Trading For Pennies StrategyIWM ETF is the Russell 2000 smallcap stocks. These are the trades being done using the Trading For Pennies Strategy on IWM. I am using this strategy against the IWM ETF is an effort to determine not only its suitability, but the likelihood of consistent success.

The concept behind using the Trading For Pennies Strategy is to set aside a specific amount of capital and use large quantities of option contracts but close them for mere pennies. To understand the strategy better please read the strategy paper first.

Below are the ongoing trades and my comments as well as links to the charts to try to determine the profitability of this strategy and how to improve the returns. This content is for members only. Please Login or Become A Member



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