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Hide and Seek Covered Calls Strategy To Avoid Exercise Of Long-Term Stock Positions

Nov 11, 2012 | Covered Calls, Investor Questions, Johnson and Johnson Stock (JNJ), Latest, Mentoring Tips

Hide and Seek Covered Calls Strategy Johnson and Johnson is a great company and a great stock. It is widely held by institutions, brokerages and pension funds around the world. But with a dividend yield of 3.5% it would seem obvious to most investors that the use of covered calls could boost the dividend return significantly. Many investors have long-term stock positions but are afraid to use covered call strategies for fear of losing their stock. Through using the Hide and Seek Covered Calls Strategy investors can avoid exercise, earn income, profits and protect against market corrections and bears. The Hide and Seek Covered Calls Strategy is designed to pinpoint entry and exit positions on covered calls, rescue scenarios on covered calls caught In The Money and how to determine if a stock is under-valued and should be bought for a possible gain. This content is for members only. Please Login or Become A Member


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