When you join and become a member you are not automatically enrolled in email updates. You must sign up for email updates through the the subscription form here.

If you have subscribed and you are still not receiving updates, please check to make sure that you have the following address in your safe or white list so it is not being caught in your spam filter: fullyinformed@justsecuremail.com. You can also set up the domain “justsecuremail.com” and “fullyinformed.com” in your white list.

For Gmail.com, Hotmail.com, Outllook.com and Yahoo.com, add the e-mail addresses of fullyinformed@justsecuremail and members@fullyinformed.com to your contact list. That will whitelist email updates that are sent to you.

Other internet providers such as AT&T (which owns numerous domains including att.net, ameritech.net, bellsouth.net, flash.net, nvbell.net, pacbell.net, prodigy.net, sbcglobal.net, snet.net, swbell.net, wans.net) , Comcast and Verizon often block emails which their spam filters consider as spam. To advise AT&T that my emails are not spam you can fill out their form here: https://rbl.att.net/end_user_request1.html

Yahoo.com handles e-mail for Rogers.com and often delays, defers or deletes e-mail they consider as spam. You have to contact them directly or do a Google search with the phrase “Whitelist emails AT&T” and replace AT&T with your provider. That should find a form you can fill out and request emails from the domain justsecuremail.com and fullyinformed.com be whitelisted.

Often your email box quota has been reached and until you delete some emails you cannot receive new ones.

A better way to insure you get email alerts is to consider joining my free options forum where you can sign up for delivery of notices every time a posting is done.  You can sign up for that free group through this link.

Another idea is to join twitter and then join my twitter account through this link and then go to your profile and select to have text messages sent to your phone as outlined in this article or set up twitter to send you email alerts with each tweet I post. This article explains how to set email alerts up in your twitter account.

If you are still having trouble receiving email updates please email members(at)fullyinformed.com and provide full details of your problem or what you are experiencing and tech support will check to see if they can assist further.

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