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Becoming A Better Investor – Step 1 – Dispel The 9 Myths

Nov 4, 2012 | Become A Better Investor, Latest

The purpose behind the members section of FullyInformed is NOT to give out tips on a fast stock or delve into get rich quick schemes. The world is full of financial investment newsletters all trying to pick stocks or ETFs and tell readers when to buy and sell. This is not the focus of the Members section. The focus is for members to be able to make their own decisions, pick their own stocks and understand the use and timing of strategies to suit their individual investing methodology, style and level of comfort. It is to become self sufficient and probably never need a financial investment newsletter ever again. I do not believe that any financial newsletter, guru or stock picking software can compete with an investor who understands key concepts of investing for growth and income while being aware of risk and the importance of capital preservation. That is the purpose of the FullyInformed Members Section.

To that end I will over the coming months keep adding to this ongoing series of articles on becoming a better investors as I show the steps I went through to become the investor I am today. In this ongoing series of articles I will discuss everything from how to start into investing, raise capital, pick stocks and assets, and show the strategies I learned and use to compound my capital and benefit from market direction, up or down.

I started out like most, with a lot of debt from everything from my mortgage to cars to credit cards. In took many years to erase debt, raise capital and compound it. Today in my retirement I use my capital to provide monthly income and I work to preserve my capital base to leave for my children and grand children. I started in 1972 to invest and lost almost half of my small portfolio in the first year of investing with “professional brokers”. I then turned to a mentor who taught me the basics of how to become a Do It Yourself (DIY) investor. From those basics I have developed my strategies and my methods to grow and protect my capital.

As explained, over the coming months, this will become a series of articles to walk Fullyinformed Members through how I became the investor I am today and the strategies and knowledge I have learned since I started investing in 1972. It is my hope that by sharing what I have learned other investors will benefit and take my methods and strategies beyond what I have done. In other words, to become better DIY Investors than myself.

How To Get Started – Step 1 – Dispel The 9 Myths

You have already made the first step by deciding you want to take more control of your investments. The next thing you need to do is understand the many myths of investing and why in my opinion they are wrong.  There are many investing myths but here are what I consider 9 of the most important myths to know about and to dispel from your investing psychology. This content is for members only. Please Login or Become A Member


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