Market Breadth Indicator – Advance Decline Numbers – Stock Market Outlook For Feb 6 2017

Market Breadth Indicator Outlook - advance decline numbers

On Friday stocks shot higher on the back of moves by President Trump to roll-back Dodd-Frank regulations which should mean better earnings and less restrictions for banks. Financials led stocks higher on Friday.

There are further changes in the Market Breadth Indicator readings once again on Friday after the close.

As well Friday’s close includes a weekly review and outlook.

Investors should review the closing Market Breadth Indicators and advance decline numbers before trading begins on Monday.

Market Breadth Outlook For Monday Feb 6 2017

Here is the Market Breadth Indicator signals after the close on Friday Feb 3 2017 and their outlook for Monday Feb 6 2017 along with the latest signals for market protection outlook needs.

....The market breadth indicator analysis and outlook is for FullyInformed Members.  

Advance Decline Numbers Outlook For Feb 6 2017

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