Home Depot Stock Trades for 2013

Last year I used Home Depot Stock for my Put Selling Using Margin Strategy. This strategy is used on rising stocks to earn less than 1% a month through using the margin available to me through the cash portion of my overall portfolio. To understand this strategy better consider reading this article Put Selling For Small Monthly Returns Adds Up To Big Annual Gains and this FullyInformed Members article Understanding Put Selling With Margin and the Cash Portfolio.

This year after carefully reviewing various stocks I have decided to continue with Home Depot Stock until it begins to fall, at which time I will reassess and either move to a new stock or continue Put Selling home depot stock. Home Depot Stock symbol is HD.

Home Depot Stock Goal

The goal was last year was to earn 6% on my committed margin. I ended up earning 8.3% with very simple trades. So far in 2013 returns are on track for a similar year with little risk of assignment since Home Depot Stock continues in an uptrend making my Put Selling with margin strategy quite easy to implement.

The 2013 Home Depot Put Selling With Margin trades are available to FullyInformed Members through this link or Members can login here. Non-members can join here.

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