Fortis Stock (FTS) Trade Alert for Nov 23 2016

Fortis Stock FTS

One stock that I have traded for many years on the TSX Composite Index is Fortis Stock. It trades on the TSX under the symbol FTS.

Fortis Stock also trades on New York under the same symbol, FTS. I trade it on the TSX Composite Index in Canadian dollars. On New York options are in $5.00 increments and are not very liquid making option trading difficult. On the TSX Composite Index they trade monthly and in $2.00 increments. There is enough volume to make trading them worthwhile.

Fortis Stock Trade

Today’s trade is an add-on to a trade done earlier this month. This article outlines the plan for both trades and how these trades will be handled in upcoming weeks.

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Fortis Stock Trade Alert – Nov 23 2016

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