Establishing Risk Can Benefit The Trading For Pennies Strategy

I realize that a lot of FullyInformed Members are using the Trading For Pennies Strategy every day on IWM ETF. I have a lot of positions in a wide variety of stocks and I cannot follow IWM constantly throughout the day so I do not trade it every day. Instead I have one of my screens open to keep an eye on the IWM ETF looking for opportunities to apply the Trading For Pennies Strategy.

Tweaking IWM ETF Strategy

I spent a bit of time ths week examining whether or not a stop-loss method of some sort could assist the returns. Thursday was my first day applying this strategy. Nothing is fool proof but by continuing to tweak certain strategies I often can increase the number of winning trades and reduce the losing ones or at least keep losses to a minimum when they do occur.

Thursday Nov 1 2012 was a resounding success returning $1546.00 against capital used of $6127.00 for a return of 25%. One thing I must point out is that the Trading For Pennies Strategy beats any kind of penny stock trade I have read about. Within my local investing group there are members who do nothing but penny stocks and they get some amazing returns and heart stopping losses, but I do believe by continuing to tweak this strategy it will become a regular within my portfolio.

This write-up looks at my trade on Thursday Nov 1 using this method. I did a similar trade on Friday Nov 2 in IWM which I will write up shortly. This FullyInformed Members Article can be directly accessed through this link or Members can login here. Non-members can join here.

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