Day Trading In ETFs for Pennies and Big Returns

A new article in the Members Section looks at a strategy for buying and selling options within high volume ETFs like IWM (Russell 2000), SPY ETF (S&P 500)  or QQQQ (Powershares) for pennies a trade. This unique strategy uses the Ultimate Oscillator or the Williams %R along with the 5,10 and 20 moving averages to pinpoint when to buy options for quick profits.

Whoever would have thought that day trading ETF’s for mere pennies could turn out to be a great strategy for growing a small portfolio into a large one. This strategy can also be used for large portfolios where the investor wants to dedicate a specific amount to these type of trades. The beauty of this strategy is that the investor is using a small amount of money for small gains which by the end of a week are larger and by the end of the month, a lot larger.

The whole strategy is built around day trading for .06 or .08 cent trades. For a simple example, take 110 option contracts which makes .08 cents each. This works out to:

110 contracts X 100 shares = 11,000 X .08 = $880.00

$880.00 X 5 trading days a week = $4400.00

$4400 X 4 weeks = $17,600.00.

$17,600 X 12 months = $211,200.00

This is a simple theoretical example but it should give you the idea. To study further let’s first look at how to set up this strategy for success.

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