Before The Open – Investing Strategy Notes and 7 Trade Ideas For June 5 2014

Here are my investing strategy notes before the markets open on June 5. As members who are following the market direction portfolio know, I was stopped out of the TQQQ on Friday last week. That marked the first trade this year in which I could hold the market direction portfolio for longer than a day or two. Having bought shares of the TQQQ on May 19, it was interesting to watch the changes I made to the market direction portfolio strategy take shape. I have stayed away from holding further shares in the market direction portfolio until I see a clear direction up or down for the market direction.

There never is any rush in entering the market direction portfolio. The chance of catching the very start of a trade or getting out of a trade at the very top are small. Instead I look at the long term for trading in the market direction portfolio. The profits earned this year show that you do not have to be in at the bottom and out at the top to do well. You do however have to have faith in the market direction and right now that direction has been sideways. This may change tomorrow once the ECB interest rate decision is announced.

Before The Open – Investing Strategy Notes and 7 Trade Ideas For June 5 2014

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