Barrick Gold Stock – Two Strategies For 2014 Spring and Summer Profits

In 2013 Barrick Gold stock trades provided a 30% return. That is excellent especially when an investor considers that at the start of January 2013 ABX Stock was trading above $35.00 and ended the year at $17.63 for a loss of 50%. The problem for a lot of investors is understanding that with mining stocks, gold included, it is the underlying commodity that controls the price of the stock. I have written a number of articles over the past few years discussing the co-relation between commodities and commodity stocks. Here is a good example and here is another. There are other articles you can search for as well.

Gold is somewhat unique in that established Gold stocks follow the price of gold far more  closely. Gold moves up, gold stocks move up. Gold moves lower, gold stocks move lower. This can make technical readings of ABX Stock difficult at times but that said, the put premiums are good enough to warrant the risk of capital loss or even capital assignment if done properly.

With the Spring and Summer months ahead here are the two strategies I plan to be using on Barrick Gold Stock. I believe only an escalation of the Ukrainian crisis will mean a change in these two strategies and even then, both might actually work well.

Two Trade Strategies For 2014 Spring and Summer Profits in Barrick Gold Stock

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