Apple Stock Put Selling Biweekly Strategy Gains Momentum

Apple Stock has certainly been under pressure. Apple Stock symbol is AAPL. The collapse of Apple Stock has been astonishing for many investors but it certainly is not unprecedented. Apple itself though is different from a lot of the companies that have collapsed in the past. Apple actually sells real products. Enron, WorldCom and many others are names that bring back foul memories. Instead Apple is being compared to companies like RIM now BlackBerry when there is not really much of a comparison.

Apple is a company that has more than one product and a large customer base for everything from iPods and iPads to computers, iTunes and the iPhone. The company has a huge cash balance of over 130 billion dollars. There is real value in Apple and in their stock. I would not be trading the biweekly Put Selling strategy in Apple Stock if I did not believe this company has actual value.

The goal for this Apple Stock trade is for a 30% annual return through Put Selling the Biweekly put options. Since the start of the trade in mid January 2013 I am up 4.8% and on track. This strategy article examines the trades done on March 7 and why I believe Apple Stock could hold the next support level as my Put Selling trade for next week unfolds.

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