Apple Stock Biweekly Put Selling Trade Update – Rolling Down Naked Puts – Decision-Making Process

This is a Trade Alert and strategy update for my Apple Stock Biweekly Put Selling Strategy for FullyInformed Members. Apple Stock trading symbol is AAPL. Apple Stock trades on the NASDAQ.

The last trade I did in Apple Stock for 2013 was on December 23 when I sold two different put strikes. Apple was being promoted by both Icahn and CEO Tim Cook and it looked like a rally was about to push the stock back up. Unfortunately the rally fizzled after just 2 days and I had to roll down my naked puts on Jan 3 following the downgrade of the stock by Wells Fargo.

This extensive article explains the decision-making process I used to determine whether to roll down the naked puts. I then explain the method used to determine the best time to buy back the naked puts and when to roll down the puts for maximum gain.

Many investors find rolling down put options to avoid ending up in the money, difficult. This article shows that once emotion is set aside it is a matter of following a decision-making process which in the end decides for you without any second guessing. Even the intraday roll down for maximum profit potential is easy if you understand the signals to look for. To do that means understanding the strategy of rolling put options down.

Rolling Down Naked Puts in Apple Stock

This Apple Stock strategy discussion is 2000 words in length and will need 7 pages if printed. I attempted to shorten this article but I felt too much of the decision-making process was lost and decided to leave the article intact.

FullyInformed Members can can read this Apple Stock strategy update on rolling down naked puts directly through this link or Members can sign in to the full members site here. Non-members can join here.

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