Apple Stock Biweekly Put Selling Strategy Trade Alert – Rolling Down Strategy

Weakness continues to plague Apple Stock and this morning the $520 put strike is obviously going to break. This means rolling down my March 14 $520.00 put strike. Let’s first look at the Apple Stock chart. The stock continues to generate good returns for the portfolio but it is definitely stuck in a bear market and unable to get a new uptrend going. The company itself needs a new product line or a new catalyst of some kind to generate investor enthusiasm for the stock to get the stock out of the bear market. Even Carl Icahn cannot get this stock up to the $600 level.

Apple Stock Biweekly Put Selling Trades – Rolling Down

This article is a strategy discussion of the roll down trade I did today as well as additional Put Selling. I also look at the question of selling call options and discuss intraday trading of put options. FullyInformed Members can can read this Apple Stock biweekly Put Selling strategy article directly through this link or Members can sign in to the full members site here. Non-members can join here.

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