Apple Stock (AAPL) – Million Dollar Challenge Trade Alerts for Fri Jun 2 2023

Jun 2, 2023 | Meta Stock (META), Million Dollar Challenge Portfolio, Trade Alerts and Ideas

Million Dollar Challenge - Apple Stock Year 1 - 2022

A new trade today in the Million Dollar Challenge Portfolio which is currently using Apple Stock. This is the first trade for June and helps boost the gains in the portfolio on its way to earning one million dollars.

This trade has good protection and a reasonable return.

The trade alert explains the trade and the setup. There have been no losses in this portfolio to date.

Make sure to read the entire trade alert to understand the purpose of the portfolio and trades done today to assist in this trade workings its way to meet the goal of earning one million dollars.

. This Million Dollar Challenge trade alert is for FullyInformed Members.

Apple Stock (AAPL) – Million Dollar Challenge Trade Alerts for Fri Jun 2 2023

Disclaimer: There are risks involved in all investment strategies and investors can and do lose capital. You trade at your own risk. The author assumes no liability for your investment decisions. Read the full disclaimer.

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