12 Strategy Changes For Profiting In Volatile Markets – Afternoon Investing Strategy Notes for Sept 30 2014

Today’s market direction whipsawing is exactly what the technical indicators pointed to last night. Technically every signal continues to point to the market churning here.

Short-Term Top

Whether this is a short-term market top being put in place is somewhat difficult to tell, but based on my knowledge from investing in the past 4 decades, more and more signals are pointing to a market top for the present time. That does not mean a new bear market, but a definite signal of a larger correction coming.

Profiting In Volatile Markets

Today’s afternoon investing strategy notes looks at 12 changes I am already starting to implement to place greater emphasis on protection of capital in use while focusing on enjoying larger profits thanks to the market being more volatile. Volatility drives up option premiums. It is one of the best periods when I can place offers at prices which at most times may never get filled, and find out I could actually have earned even more. It is a time when I have an advantage over the market maker who has to try to price options according to volatility which can quickly whip stocks back and forth and make pricing difficult.

Running Toward Volatility

When markets enter correction phases, I run toward the higher profits that they will bring, but I am well aware of the pitfalls volatility also presents. Here are 12 of the most important changes I implement to my investing strategies.

Afternoon Investing Strategy Notes For Sep 30 2014 – 12 Strategy Changes For Profiting In Volatile Markets

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