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Jan 6  / Stocks - CAT
Strategies Mentioned : Married Put, Naked Put. Spread, Collar

Question About Caterpillar Naked Puts
Strategy Article

 I recently received this question from a reader. I don't give out specific trade advice but I did think this was worth a look.

Have you looked at CAT? I am looking at $90 Jan Puts, currently (1-5-11 @ 9:30 CST) trading at $0.78, stock is trading @ $93.75 Earnings announcement not until Jan 27, so expiration is before then. CAT has been in strong uptrend for some time. Appears as a good trade. Your thoughts?
ANSWER: I don't give out personal recommendations as it is important for every investor to develop their own goals and strategies. However I don't mind giving an opinion. Remember this is not financial advice or recommendations. Trade at your own risk. Caterpillar was a stock I loved in 2009. I sold out at $75.00 and have not looked at the stock since. First a look at the 1 month chart. Could CAT be in for some trouble?

This next chart is a 3 month view. It's easy to see the two levels of support and where the safe zone sits for those who want a little more premium. As a short term trade for two weeks is the $90 naked put strike worthwhile? For .78 cents the return is 0.86% which isn't bad. But at this lofty level it would be easy for the stock to fall below $90.00 within two weeks. However if someone wanted to own this stock and liked caterpillar at these levels ($90.00) then I see little wrong for two weeks. Would I do it? Absolutely not. I am not interested in owning Caterpillar at these levels. I believe it is over valued here. I prefer Feb $85 naked put strike which is paying over $1.00. But overall Caterpillar is too expensive for me, at these levels. As it does not interest me it will not be added to my stock portfolio.




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