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Probably one of my most favorite investing strategies has to be Selling Puts whether as naked puts or cash secured puts. In its most basic terms when I sell put contracts, I am selling someone the legal right to assign (or put) shares to me at the strike price I have agreed to. It's called "Naked" because when I sell the naked put, I have "exposed" myself to assignment and I do not own the shares I have sold the naked put against - so I am naked the shares.

Like any strategy there are pros and cons, but the naked put option trade is not risky, it is the investor who blindly sells puts without understanding the strategy that makes it risky. I hope you enjoy some of these articles.

July 9 2011  / Strategy Article
4 Basic Rules Of Selling Puts
April 26 2011  / Strategy Article - Selling Stock Options - Put Selling
Why Sell Puts?
Selling Puts As An Investment Strategy
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Apr 22 2011  / Stock - IBM
Tools For Picking Put Selling Strikes
No Free Money Here.

Strategy Article
April 12 2010  / Strategy Article - Naked Puts
Understanding Selling Puts
This is a brief introduction to understanding what is selling puts and how it is used in a trade. This brief outline will assist in forming a basis by which an investor can then expand their knowledge to determine the suitability of puts selling for their investing objectives.
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March 12 2010  / Strategy Article - Naked Puts
Example Trade
Selling Puts
Here's a good place to start when learning about selling puts. In this example I demonstrate selling puts on a stock.
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April 2 2011  / Opinion Article -
Why I Believe
Selling Puts Is Superior To Covered Calls
Over 35 years ago when options on many stocks were just getting started I was introduced to put selling as a means to lower my overall cost of entry into a stock. However as the years have passed I have developed various strategies that have shown to me how flexible and truly exceptional selling puts are in the arsenal of investing. Leaving aside tax implications involved in covered calls and selling puts, I believe naked put selling is far superior to covered calls and here are my 10 main reasons.
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Apr 1 2011  / Strategy Article
Selling Puts For Profit And Avoiding Assignment
The 13 Rules I Use
Selling puts for income is my favorite strategy. But I found that selling puts without ever wanting to own the shares of the underlying stock needs a solid strategy in order to be consistently successful. Here are my 13 rules which I established many years ago in order to profitably sell put options every month while avoiding assignment.
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