XLF ETF Financial Select Sector Trades For 2016 – 20% Return To June 17 2016

The XLF ETF represents the Financial Select Sector Index which includes companies from commercial banks, diversified financial services, insurance, capital markets, REITs, consumer finance, mortgage finance and real-estate management and development. It is as you can see not just commercial banks. This can at times, create more volatility than many investors expect. For that reason it is often an interesting ETF to trade in.

XLF ETF Chart To June 17 2016

The last time I reviewed the XLF ETF, it was trading around $23.77 on April 27. Since then the ETF has fallen 5% to close on Friday at $22.61.

Financials have fallen out of vogue once again, since the Federal Reserve has put another interest rate increase on the “back-burner”. Many financial institutions rely on higher interest rates to generate better profits. With interest rates not rising, many investors are worried that financial stocks will do poorly and they have been unloading them.

XLF ETF to June 17 2016

XLF ETF to June 17 2016

However, as you can see in the chart above, despite analysts advising investors that “financial sector” stocks are a “screaming buy” right now, as a group, they were considerably lower in February when the XLF ETF reached an intraday low of $19.53.

XLF ETF – 13% Lower Still

This is 13.6% lower than Friday’s close, so never believe that the financial sector can’t go lower. It may be a screaming buy as analysts have indicated, but it was a better buy in February and if the Brexit votes ends with a “leave” decision, the financial sector will fall further in my opinion.

XLF ETF Returns 20% to June 2016

Since the start of 2016 I have continued to trade the XLF ETF but I remain cautious in my positions. The last trade in the XLF was back on June 3. To date the XLF has returned 20%. With 6 months still left in the year, there is a good chance for at least a 30% gain if not 40% by the end of the year!

XLF ETF Trades for 2016 Update

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