VISA Stock (V) Trade Alert – How The Weekly Wanderer Strategy Can Build Profits In A Sideways Market – May 16 2016

When stock markets enter trading ranges many investors move to the sidelines, fearing that the market will collapse. Indeed bearish sentiment this week is very high following last weeks drubbing of large department store retail stocks.

But these kinds of markets can build a portfolio quickly. The key is knowing what strategy to apply and what signs to watch to determine when the strategy being used might fail. Rather than fleeing from these markets I tend to apply strategies consistently and keep growing my portfolio. One of those stocks that is working very well in the present market has been Visa Stock.

VIsa stock has been in my portfolio since the IPO back in 2007. I believe there is still much more upside to VISA in the next few years, even after the 4 to 1 stock split in March 2015.

Weekly Wanderer Strategy

The Weekly Wanderer Strategy is ideal for use in a market that is in a trading range which the S&P has been in almost since January 2015……….The rest of this trade alert and strategy discussion article on Visa Stock is for Members.

Visa Stock – May 16 2016

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