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  Why I Cannot Give Specific Trade Advice

 Every week I receive requests from readers asking for specific trade advice. Many of the questions revolve around do I think this or that trade would be a good idea. I am also asked quite often about specific stocks and specific option trades.


In particular which option strikes do I think would be good to sell or to buy.


I cannot give out specific trade advice not only because my site is not designed for this, but also because every investor has their own goals, objectives, levels of investing comfort, risk aversion and capital needs.

Investing in stocks is incredibly risky. Stocks are called risky assets for very good reasons. Many investors have lost large amounts of capital by investing in stocks and many have invested without having established plans, goals, objectives and paper traded to learn how to implement different strategies.


I set up my website, to present my ideas and the strategies I have used for many years. My hope is that through presenting my ideas, other investors will contemplate their own goals and objectives and begin to develop their own strategies. I also hope that my website will get investors thinking about the very nature of investing in stocks and understanding the risk versus reward that is inherent in investing in stocks.


I have a lot of investor friends and every one of them has a different outlook on investing. For this reason alone it would be impossible for me to give out specific trading advice, often on stocks that I do not know anything about and in sectors of the economy that I do not have knowledge of. From reading through my website, I am sure every reader can see that I take investing seriously and I have traded within specific stocks such as Clorox, Coca Cola, Royal Bank of Canada and others for years.


I believe that it would be a disservice to offer advice without being fully aware of an investors goals, objectives, financial status, needs, wants, levels of risk and levels of comfort. I would also have to study a stock that I do not know and spend time paper trading it to determine specific strategies, their risks and their consistency of performance.


For these reasons I cannot give specific trade advice.


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