Thank You FullyInformed Members from Teddi Knight

Thank you

I wish to thank all investors who took time out to renew memberships and buy new memberships for the Black Friday Special of 2017. Your support is appreciated and the dozens of comments and best wishes were overwhelming.

Membership Prices Increase

Prices increased following the end of the Black Friday Sale. Prices were increased to assist in paying for a number of new tools and features that are being added.

  1. A Covered Calls Selling Tool is being added that works similar to the Put Options Selling Tool.
  2. A Naked Calls selling tool is being added.
  3. Further enhancements to the Put Options Selling Tool are being implemented including Put Selling alerts for members.
  4. Members will shortly have a personalized account available where they can save their trades. These trades can have alerts set that will advise them of changes to the trade as well as color codes that will warn when they may want to consider closing trades to avoid a possible pullback or when to close a trade when 80% or more of the profit has been captured and the capital in use can be freed for new trades.
  5. The Tomorrow’s Trade Portfolio is being continued into 2018. Three new Portfolios are being added. The Weekly Wanderer Strategy Portfolio, the 10-20-30 Options Portfolio and the Walk That Profit Home to Momma Put Selling Strategy.
  6. The Trade Ahead Of Earnings Strategy Portfolio is being expanded with a number of new features to assist those investors interested in this unique trading strategy.
  7. The Million Dollar Challenge Portfolios will be continued into 2018 with a new addition.
  8.  Market Directional alerts are being added for members to assist in predicting movement both up and down.

Before raising prices, 30% of the members were contacted for their input on prices. After reviewing their replies, new prices were established that were below recommendations. I realize a lot of members feel membership fees are still too low, considering profits members are making and the mentoring being provided, and indeed in most cases a single trade can pay for a year’s membership, but I make my living through trading so as long as the membership fees cover the costs associated with maintaining the website, adding additional tools and tech support, I feel the price increase should be enough to cover those related costs.

One Final Thank You

I want to express again how humbled I was by your support, both with membership purchases/renewals and the many emails which included best wishes, suggestions and comments. I want to close by thanking all of you again.

I am pleased so many members will be with us as we move into 2018. It promises to be an intriguing year. Tax reforms hopefully will be taking shape against a backdrop of potentially rising interest rates which could make 2018 more volatile than 2017. I plan to profit again in 2018 whether the bull market continues or ends.

My Very Best Wishes For Your Continued Success and thank you for being a member.

Teddi Knight

Disclaimer: There are risks involved in all investment strategies and investors can and do lose capital. Trade at your own risk.

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