Put Selling Strategies for Apple Stock After The Decline

This is a strategy update article for FullyInformed Members who are using the Biweekly Put Selling Strategy or other Put Selling strategies on Apple Stock.

The recent decline in Apple Stock has a lot of investors worried again. This is certainly understandable. After the recent earnings announcement Apple Stock sold off and then commenced a recovery pattern. A lot of analysts felt there was strength to the recovery and thought that a bottom had been made in the stock.

No Recovery Yet

When the stock fell again this week, many investors and analysts placed all the blame on billionaire David Tepper of Appaloosa Management LP who announced his firm was reducing their stake in Apple Stock. But it wasn’t just Tepper’s fault. After all every investor has the right to buy and sell shares whether they are big players or small. In fact a lot of small investors have been counting on institutional investors to “hold the line” as it were and through not selling, support Apple Stock from declining further. This would work to the advantage of small investors.

Here is my latest look at the decline in Apple Stock and how a couple of technical tools can make all the different when Put Selling a stock as volatile as Apple Stock.

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