Put Selling Biweekly Strategy In Apple Stock Jan 29 2013

Apple Stock as regular readers know was in use last year with the Shark Options Trading Strategy. This year I have turned to the Biweekly Put Selling Strategy on Apple Stock. For investors who are unaware of the Biweekly Put Selling Strategy this link on the members site explains the strategy in detail and how you can set up your own weekly Put Selling strategy. This is primarily a FullyInformed Members article.

Apple Stock and Hindsight

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Just imagine all the things we could do in hindsight especially when it comes to investing. Such was the case last week when earnings were released and Apple Stock plunged on the disappointing news. Obviously investors were overly zealous when it came to Apple Stock as they pushed it to $700.00 in late September 2012. Last week on the earnings news, a parade of disappointed and even shocked analysts who had believed in the “miracle” of Apple Stock voiced their concerns and their steadfast belief that Apple Stock will make a comeback but none mentioned lofty predictions of $1000 on the stock as was the case in August and September 2012. The strained faces of analysts told the story better than their own words. They are deeply concerned about Apple Stock. Their concern is my ticket to Put Selling profits as volatility in the stock is up 5% in the past two days, pushing put premiums, particularly for out of the money puts to excellent value. However to be Put Selling a highly volatile stock like Apple Stock requires a solid, tested strategy.

Apple Stock Put Selling Biweekly Strategy

This is where my Biweekly Put Selling Strategy comes in. With the Shark Options Trading strategy not presently giving clear signals on Apple Stock I turned to the Biweekly Put Selling Strategy to profit from the increased volatility.

I made some adjustments and trades recently in my biweekly Apple Stock Put Selling strategy which you can review through this link Review Ongoing 2013 Trades In Apple Stock.

Bear Market In Apple Stock

The first thing to understand about stocks is that many stocks enter their own bear markets. Coca Cola Stock for example was in a bear market from 1998 to 2005, a period of 7 years. Over that 7 years it lost 56.9% of its value before finally bottoming out. Many stocks will at one time or another make mistakes, end up with poor earnings, change management, change products, bring out new product lines that fail and a host of other events that can impact a stock.

Apple Stock has fallen over 35% and is in a definite bear market. The key now is…….

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