The quick fix for this is to close your browser, clear your browser’s cache and reopen your browser and log back in. The other quick fix is to close your browser and reboot your device whether it is a computer, tablet or smartphone. That will clear the error message that someone else has logged in.

If you are trying to login from a number of different devices or have stayed logged in from the same computer over a period of more than a day or two, eventually the number of logins available for your account will be used up. To fix this issue permanently, log out from your membership on one or more computers or devices before logging into a new device.

The maximum number of logins can be used up if various devices are used to read membership articles but all devices are continually logged in.

This is a security feature to keep the website secure from hackers. It also allows the website to function quickly for all members. If all members left their various devices logged in every day, each device is like another member which means the website will slow for all users. For example if 5000 members were logged into 5 devices all day long, the web server believes there are 25,000 members accessing the membership articles and memory is provided to accommodate that maximum number of members that the web server believes is needed.

Logging out is not necessary on all devices unless the number of devices being used at the same time is 4 or more devices. This can become problematic for all users, so when possible, log out of your membership account on one or two devices if you know you are going to need access from additional devices at different locations. This assists everyone.

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