Rescue Options Strategies

Rescue Strategies Altria Stock

5 Rescue Ideas For Repairing A Stock Trade In Altria Group Stock (MO) – Investor Questions

Another question from a member on Altria Stock (MO). As investors know, Altria Group Stock (MO) is down to $55.69 as of May 2. An ...
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Philip Morris Stock (PM)

Tips For Handling The Philip Morris Stock (PM) Collapse – Investor Questions

On the Members Only forum, Jon had posted some questions on Philip Morris Stock (PM) which I answered on the weekend. However it would appear ...
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Accept Shares Or Roll In The Money Put Options

Decision-Making Process: Accept Shares Or Roll In-The-Money Put Options – Applied Materials Stock (AMAT)

I received a number of emails today from investors who are in the Applied Materials Stock (AMAT) trade. Most are holding the Apr 27 expiry ...
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Rescue Texas Instruments Stock (TXN) Trade

Rescue Losing Texas Instruments Stock (TXN) Trade – Correct These 5 Mistakes – Apr 25 2018

Today (Tue Apr 24 2018) was an incredibly busy day with lots of emails thanks to the markets tanking again. Among the emails recently was ...
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Rescue 3M Stock Trade

Rescuing Deep In The Money Naked Puts In 3M Company Stock (MMM) – Mar 29 2018

Late this week an investor who is a member wrote me looking for some ideas on how to repair his in-the-money credit put spread ...
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Rolling Credit Put Spreads

Rolling In-The-Money Credit Put Spreads – Become A Better Investor – Mar 22 2018

With stocks being pummeled by the strongest market correction since January 2016, one aspect of selling put options for income is understanding the steps in ...
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Roll Options For Profits and Reduce Risk

How To Roll Options To Protect Profits And Reduce Risk – Don’t Let Corrections Blow Away Your Profits – Mar 22 2018

The drop (again) in the stock markets today (Mar 22 2018) are signaling that the correction may not be over, or if the February correction ...
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Facebook Stock (FB) trade rescue and repair

Steps To Rescue And Repair The Collapse Of Facebook Stock – Mar 20 2018

Over on Twitter, Ray finds himself caught in the Facebook Stock (FB) downturn this morning (Mar 20 2018) and was wondering about some salvage ideas ...
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Rescue Strategies Altria Stock

Rescue Strategies For Altria Group Stock (MO) In The Money Naked Put Trade – Mar 16 2018

I received an email from a new investor who has been trading just for a year on a trade he is holding in Altria Group ...
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Wells Fargo Stock (WFC)

Rescue Strategies For Wells Fargo Stock (WFC) In The Money Naked Put Trade – Mar 16 2018

I received a number of emails from members wondering about the Wells Fargo Stock (WFC) trades that expire today or Mar 23. I have quite ...
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McDonalds Stock (MCD) Collapse and repair

Rescuing In The Money Naked Puts Caught In The McDonalds Stock (MCD) Collapse – Mar 9 2018

A number of investors have contacted me regarding positions in McDonalds Stock (MCD). Below is a chart from one member, Mark. This is typical of ...
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Become a better investor

Become A Better Investor – Put Selling The Recovery – Learn From Corrections

With the market now well beyond the 50% retracement of the recent correction, we may become more complacent but instead remember what the correction taught ...
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Rescue of FedEx Stock (FDX) In-The-Money Credit Put Spread Trade – Feb 22 2018

On the forum an investor Alvin has a trade where he is holding the $257.50 put strike short and $230 put strike long for Feb ...
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5 Strategies for Early Share Assignment

5 Rescue Strategies For Assigned Unwanted Stocks From In The Money Short Put Selling

If you sell put options long enough you will eventually end up being assigned shares when you least expect it or want it. Most stocks ...
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Understanding Ex-dividend dates and early assignment

Understanding Ex-Dividend Dates and Assignment of Shares For Put Sellers

On the members forum an investor was assigned shares on ex-dividend day. Let's take a look at the question and understanding ex-dividend dates and early ...
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AT&T Stock (T)

Understanding Profiting From Rolling In-The-Money Options In AT&T Stock (T)

When an investor sells options against stocks, there is always the possibility that the stock will collapse and they are assigned shares. However you might ...
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Micron Technology Stock (MU)

Update Of Micron Technology Stock (MU) Trade Repair and New Trade Alert – Dec 1 2017

Further to my last repair notice on Micron I am down at the $41.50 level for Dec 22 expiry. The stock today got down to ...
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