Exxon Stock (XOM)

Exxon Mobil Stock

Controlling Risk Through Reading Charts – Exxon Mobil Stock (XOM) Trade Ideas for the First Week Of Dec 2015

Understanding and controlling risk are perhaps among the hardest areas for most investors to become experts at. This year commodity and energy stocks have hit ...
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Investing Strategy Notes Before Markets Open

Investing Strategy Notes and 6 Trade Ideas Before The Markets Open Nov 4 2015

With markets overbought, the mid-afternoon on Tuesday saw the indexes pullback after setting intraday highs. Stocks closed off those highs and we could see further ...
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9 Trade Ideas

9 Trade Ideas For Thursday Oct 22 2015

The dip in stocks on Wednesday could see a further dip on Thursday which could set up these 9 trades which I will be considering ...
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morning investing strategy notes

Staying The Course – Morning Investing Strategy Notes and Trade Ideas – Oct 8 2015

In my market direction outlook last night I discussed a number of key aspects of the present market and how to stay profitable as the ...
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Quick Comment

Quick Comments On The Unemployment Numbers and The Open – Oct 2 2015

For the first time in a while the unemployment numbers failed to match analysts expectations. Despite the economy creating 142,000 new jobs it confirms what ...
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Tomorrow's Trade for Oct 2 2015

Tomorrow’s Trade for Oct 2 2015

For Sep 30 he Tomorrow's Trade was BB&T Corp. I sold 5 put contracts for Oct 16 expiry for 30 cents. Meanwhile for Friday my ...
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7 Super Charge Buy-Write Strategy trade ideas

Understanding X-Dividend Dates and Repairing A Super Charge Buy-Write Strategy Exxon Mobile Stock Trade – August 11 2015

A recent post in the members' forum on XOM Stock needs to be addressed. Some investors do not understand the X-Dividend term and how it ...
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eight trade ideas

8 Trade Ideas For May 19 2015

The outlook for stocks at present is for higher prices. This means I am placing more capital into trades. Here are some of the trades ...
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Afternoon Investing Strategy Notes

Afternoon Investing Strategy Notes and 6 Trade Ideas for May 15 2015

My Market Direction Outlook for Thursday was negative for stocks.  Instead stocks moved higher. This could have been a result of the market being down ...
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Profiting From The Heatmap

Profiting From The Heatmap – Become A Better Investor

The dip today in the market is to be expected after the giant gains on Friday. That gain helped the SPX recover two support levels ...
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Three Stock Trade Ideas

3 Trade Ideas To Increase Profits For Tuesday May 5 2015

While the action today on the markets was anything but inspiring, it was still positive and investors are remaining reluctant to move to the sidelines ...
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