Goal of FullyInformed Is Not Real-Time Trading

Every day I get email requests asking if I could set up real-time day trading for readers and get involved in a twitter account or Facebook page or a chat session and assist other investors with day and swing trades. Honestly, it won’t work and that was not my goal of fullyinformed.com. I tried some real-time trades today by posting my spy put trades starting at 10:20 AM. Below are the posts are they occurred:

10:20 AM

Getting ready to buy SPY puts at 1381.57 to 1382 this morning. The Ultimate Oscillator must flash an overbought signal around that level.

10:22 AM

Bought my first round of 20 SPY PUTS MAY19 138 $2.89

10:24 AM

Have to be careful here. Remember this is not a bear market. Market could try to push higher.

10:34 AM

May close my SPY PUTs here and wait for the market to move higher before buying them back again. The market does not want to push lower yet.

10:40 AM

Here we go a little selling moving in.

10:43 AM

All SPY PUTS now closed for a small profit at 2.93. Will go back in at a higher level as the market seems to want to push higher first.

Why This Will Not Work

I explained in a follow-up post why this type of trading even by twitter absolutely will not work. Here is what I posted:


I did this little bit of SPY PUT Trading on the forum this morning to show all those readers who keep writing me asking me to do real-time SPY PUT trading with that, that even with twitter it is impossible because the market moves too quickly and the opportunities come and go faster than I could post to the forum or a twitter account or anywhere.

It is important that those interested in using the SPY PUT to hedge or trade, learn to set up their own technicals and get into their own “groove” as it were. By the time anyone received even a twitter feed and then jumped on the trade the moment would almost always be gone.

However by learning how to trade the SPY PUT through paper trading, an investor can easily forget about looking for twitter support or any kind of help and do the trades on their own. For example I jumped in this morning bought my first puts, then watched the market drift sideways. It was obvious looking at the momentum that the S&P does not want to push lower. It’s not a bear market and dip buyers are present everywhere keeping stocks a loft. I realized this after placing the trade and had to wait for a chance for some weakness to sell my put contracts and then wait for the market to move higher to buy spy puts again.

This cannot be done via twitter feeds or chat sessions because the lag of even typing the comments is impossible to adjust for. Instead through paper trading and developing sound strategies the SPY PUT is a wonderful hedge for those investors willing to learn how to use it and apply it with the confidence that comes from experience.

I will be posting this later on my website. So suffice to say, no I cannot assist in doing real-time trades on the SPY PUT. I hope between this posting on the forum, my sending it to all those who have emailed me and by putting it on my site that this will end this continual request to get involved in real-time trading.

FullyInformed Is Not Real-Time Trading

This therefore concludes any further discussion about real-time trades. That is not the objective of fullyinformed.com

It is important for every investor to learn to develop strategies that suit their style of investing, risk level and meet their financial investment goals and objectives.

I started without any knowledge about investing and over years developed strategies that eventually consistently provided me with profit and income and allowed me to compound my capital. I do not believe investors should rely on others to make the decisions for them but instead should become “experts” at understanding the assets they are invested in and managing their own trades and strategies. Through this management they will be able to develop winning trades on a consistent basis, learn to handle the volatility and risk that comes with investing in risky assets and pass on their knowledge to others as well.

Doing real-time trading on twitter or any chat session can in no way replace the knowledge that an individual investor gains from learning to trade properly through developing strategies that they can consistently profit from.

That was and still is the goal of fullyinformed.com – to create a web repository of strategies and knowledge that any investor can learn from and apply as well as alter to eventually become a stronger investor who is capable of handling their own investments.

Every day I receive emails from people who have taken the strategies presented at fullyinformed.com, changed them to suit the stocks they are investing in and are becoming consistently profitable and better investors. I do not mind answering questions on trades or assist those seeking advice on stocks or investing in general. I can be contacted through this link. However time that is spent trying to do real-time trades online in chat sessions benefits only a handful of investors but takes time away from my ultimate objective, of covering as many strategies and concepts as possible.

Remember that I am older and eventually, I will run out of time.

Teddi Knight

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