Earning Big Returns On AT&T Stock (T Stock)

Yesterday I wrote about T Stock, my recent Put Selling trades and the rumor of AT&T buying into an Indian telecommunications company which would be a major attempt by AT&T to expand into Asia. Whether the rumor is true or not I do believe AT&T stock represents enormous value for investors who use Put Selling as a principal method of investing.

AT&T Stock (T Stock) 2012 Returns

An investor who bought T Stock at the low on January 2 2012 for $29.60 and held to sell at the high of $38.58 on September 17 would have earned a 34.7% return in AT&T Stock, which would include 3 quarterly dividends in T Stock of .44 cents each. To accomplish this, investors would have to have sold their AT&T Stock and timed this trade perfectly.

The question is how many investors would have accomplished this? I suspect perhaps a handful managed this on T Stock in 2012.

T Stock Return for 2012

January 2012 to Sept 2012 in AT&T Stock (T Stock)

Actual T Stock Capital Income

Instead in 2012 I earned 33% on stock and option trades within AT&T Stock. The beauty of stock and option trading within AT&T Stock is that each trade adds more income or more capital to my portfolio. Each T Stock trade shows more capital into my portfolio and allows it to compound. This is what builds wealth. In other words, my gains were not paper gains but gains that have assisted to grow my overall portfolio almost monthly. What was even more interesting was how easy all the AT&T Stock trades were in 2012.

AT&T Stock Strategy Article

To understand why AT&T Stock is worth considering for Put Selling and Stock trading strategies over the past 3 years, I have written this strategy article.  It explains why my Put Selling has been so profitable, how I manage to stay away from assignment and why I know when to buy shares for a bounce higher and when to get out. This T Stock strategy article is 6 pages in length with 1800 words.

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