Investor Questions

Investors write in every day asking questions and looking for suggestions. Here are some of the profit and income as well as stock and option questions investors have asked.

Struggling To Grow A Small Portfolio In A Correction – Investor Questions – Dec 9 2018

Investor Questions
Earning income and growing a portfolio when a market is rising is much easier than in a market that is in a correction or on ...
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Repair Of Stock Overload – Investor Questions On Manulife Stock (MFC) – Nov 29 2018

Investor Questions
When it comes to selling options for income, many times an investor finds himself holding too many short positions which places him at risk of ...
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Avoid Margin Calls and Repair Steep Losses In A Downturn – Investor Questions

Avoid Margin Calls
The use of margin can be a difficult aspect of investing for many people. During a correction in particular, investors find as stocks fall they ...
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Repairing Caterpillar Stock (CAT) Trade Caught In The Plunge – Oct 19 2018

Caterpillar Stock (CAT)
One stock being hammered in Caterpillar Stock (CAT). The stock collapses $5.54 on Thursday and closed at $135.80. A number of investors emailed me who ...
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Shorting The XRT ETF – Investor Questions – Oct 3 2018

Options versus futures - investor questions
On the members forums Amy was pondering shorting the XRT ETF, retail ETF, especially following’s decision to raise their starting salary to $15 an ...
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Getting The Most Out Of When Retiring – Investor Questions – July 16 2018

Retirement planning
On average I receive anywhere from 50 to 100 emails daily from investors. Many are simple trade questions but others require a bit more in ...
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Following Trades and Investor Expectations – Investor Questions – July 4 2018

Following Trades and Investor Expectations of Returns
Among the questions often asked are what should an investor expect for his returns against his capital at risk along with what types of trades ...
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Retirement Income From The SPY ETF – Investor Questions – July 4 2018

Retirement Income From The SPY ETF
When it comes to retiring well, not everyone has a large retirement account to depend on. For many investors, they will continue to want to ...
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Understanding Gamma When Selling Options – Investor Questions – June 26 2018

Understanding Gamma when selling stock options
On the private members forum an investor asks an interesting question on Gamma and short-term Put Selling trades. Let’s review the question and look at ...
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Handling Short Put Positions Sitting On The Edge Of Assignment – Investor Questions – June 26 2018

Close Now or Wait - short option positions
On the private members forum an investor wonders how best to handle his short put positions with the market in an “ugly” mood. Let’s review ...
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Tips For Approaching The Collapse Of Molson Coors Brewing Stock (TAP) and PG Stock – Investor Questions – June 1 2018

Repairing the Molson Coors Brewing Stock (TAP) Collapse
I have a larger article on ideas for repairing Molson Coors Brewing Stock (TAP) collapse but I know investors could use some help now.  Here ...
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Handling Deep In The Money Covered Calls – Investor Questions – May 25 2018

Handling deep in-the-money covered calls
A quick question from an investor on a trade that is ending today in Whiting Stock WLL Stock. The investor finds himself holding deep in-the-money ...
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