Bear Market and Corrections

Bear Market Strategies for profit, protection and income.

Put Selling Options Index – Stock Trade Examples

Put Selling Index Page 2
Separated by year, this index looks at different Put Selling strategies and trades as they are applied in actual trades. By reviewing these stock trade ...
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9 Tips For Selling Call Options In A Bear Market – Investor Questions

nine tips for selling call options bear market
Since January 2015 I think every investor knows that something has changed with the markets. For the first time since this rally started in March ...
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Profiting With The SDOW 6-10-12-20 Strategy On Big Pullbacks – Market Direction Portfolio – Dec 10 2014

SDOW ETF strategy
On Dec 8 I bought 2000 shares of SDOW for $20.46. On Thursday Dec 9 I was stopped out for a small profit when the ...
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Protect Long-Term Stock Holdings Against Severe Downturns With The Strategy Of Percentages

Strategy of Percentages to protect long-term stock holdings
A recent question from an investor asked if there was a strategy to protect very long-term stock holdings through bear markets or severe corrections. A ...
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Look To The Leaps For Big Profits and Protection in High Volatility Investing – Oct 15 2014

Leap to Profits Oct 15 2014
With the DOW down over 450 points and the SPX collapsing below 1840 investors tend to flee from stocks rather than look for opportunities. The ...
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Spy Put Options Trade Alerts For Oct 15 2014 – The Simple Way To Profit In High Volatility

SPY PUT Options trade Oct 15 2014
The collapse at the open this morning set the market up for an immediate bounce. Selling was intense as economic data before the market opened ...
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12 Strategy Changes For Profiting In Volatile Markets – Afternoon Investing Strategy Notes for Sept 30 2014

Afternoon Investing Strategy Notes
Today’s market direction whipsawing is exactly what the technical indicators pointed to last night. Technically every signal continues to point to the market churning here ...
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Become A Better Investor – Profiting and Protecting with the Bollinger Bands Squeeze

Protecting Your Portfolio
The way analysts are talking today you would think the SPX has been down for a week now. It hasn’t. The SPX has been basically ...
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ETF Trade Alert – Strategies For A Pullback – Still Bringing In Profits

ETF Trade Alert
When a market is having trouble and investors are concerned about a pullback, one of the ways to keep bringing in profits while affording some ...
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SPY Put Options – Strategies For A Pullback

Spy Put Profit and Protect
The Spy ETF is my primary choice for trading during downturns to earn additional capital and build up a cash cushion to protect my capital ...
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Intel Stock (INTC) – Trade Alert and Strategies For A Pullback – Aug 5 2014

Intel Stock Trade Ideas Apr 22 2014
Intel stock has been in my portfolio for years. This year though Intel Stock has started to show some additional valuation as it has been ...
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Strategies For A Pullback – Profiting From Plunges – Role Of The Heatmap

Strategies For A Pullback - Role Of The Heatmap
With the stock market possibly entering a period of higher volatility I am releasing a series of articles entitles “Strategies For A Pullback”. The focus ...
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