Bear Market and Corrections

Bear Market Strategies for profit, protection and income.

Become A Better Investor and Beat The Bear By Learning To Take Profits With This Spreadsheet

Learn to take profits - beat the bear
There are days when the market seems like all it wants is to take your money. In fact, that is what a lot of investors ...
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Protect Your Naked Put Positions From The Brexit Meltdown

Protect Your Portfolio Investing Strategy Tips
With markets in Europe this evening in full retreat and some shocking drops in some of the European Bank Stocks, many investors will be sitting ...
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Market Outlook – Morgan Stanley Cuts SPX Outlook – Beat The Bear Trade Ideas for Mar 14 2016

Market Outlook Beat The Bear Trade Ideas
Morgan Stanley analysts are joining the global recession bandwagon as they slash their market outlook for the S&P from 2175 to 2050. They are advising ...
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Beat The Bear – Learn To Take Profits With This Spreadsheet – Become A Better Investor

Beat The Bear - Learn To Take Profits
The volatility since August 2015 has been almost unrelenting. Since late August the number of days the VIX Index has been below 20 is less ...
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Beat The Bear – 6 Tips To Control Margin Calls – Investor Questions

Berat The Bear 6 Tips To Control Margin Calls
Margin problems can be tricky and sometimes they can lead to losses that an investor is unprepared for. Many investors setup “stress checks” at specific ...
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Bear Market and Corrections

5 Keys To Safeguard Capital From Losses In Spy Put Trade – Investor Questions

Investor Questions - 5 Keys To Safeguard Capital
Trading market direction is not the easiest of trades to accomplish. It is not a matter of buying at the top of a market and ...
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TSX – Intraday Trading Of The Downside – Pullbacks and Corrections – Become A Better Investor

TSX Become A Better Investor
One of the biggest problems with trading the downside intraday on the TSX is the difficulty caused by the lack of market directional ETFs and ...
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Why Scaling Into Positions Works In Corrections – United Health Group Stock – Sep 9 to 11 2015

United Health Group Stock
Back on Sept 9 I posted a trade idea in United Health Group Stock. In that article I indicated that I would be scaling into ...
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Protecting A Portfolio In Corrections – Investing Strategy Notes And Trade Ideas for The Week Ahead – Second Week Of Sep 2015

Investing Strategy Notes - The Week Ahead
With the correction continuing to create investor anxiety, a lot of analysts are calling this correction a repeat of the 2011 correction which at that ...
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Understanding Stock Selection – What Pullbacks Teach Us – Become A Better Investor

What stock pullbacks teach us
The continuing rally today would certainly seem to mark the end of the recent pullback. Despite analysts and brokerages warnings investors of an impending coming ...
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Enjoying Big Returns In A Downturn – Understanding The Power of the Spy Put Trade – June 29 2015

Spy Put Profit and Protect
Yesterday in several articles and this morning, I wrote about buying spy put options to profit from the move lower today. It was basically a ...
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All Stocks Are Not Equal – Pullbacks and Corrections – Become A Better Investor

All-Stocks Are Not Equal
As opinions continue to vary on whether a summer correction has already started, I think the most important thing for investors is to keep larger ...
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