Covered Calls

Covered calls is a strategy that creates profit potentials for investors who take the time to study the various covered call strategies and learn how to apply them successfully.

Risks of Rolling Up Covered Calls – ADM Stock Trade Update

rolling up covered calls on ADM Stock
This is a FullyInformed Members trade strategy update on Archer Daniels Midland Stock which trades on New York under the symbol ADM. ADM Stock has ...
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5 Trade Ideas For Start Of First Week of Dec 2013

five trade ideas for the first week of December 2013
Despite the market grinding its way higher there are many stock and option trades setting themselves up for this week. Here are 5 trades ideas ...
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Barrick Gold Stock (ABX) Collapses Again

Barrick Stock Collapses Again
It was just back on Oct 27 that I was receiving emails from investors worried they would lose their shares through covered calls they had ...
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9 Trade Ideas For November 20 2013

9 Trade Ideas For November 20 2013
The volatility over the past two days has created some nice trades for the second half of this week. These are some of the stocks ...
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Covered Calls Strategy For Further Gains and Protection on Microsoft Stock

Microsoft Stock covered calls for profit and protection
This is a FullyInformed Members Microsoft Stock strategy article. Microsoft Stock trading symbol is  (MSFT).  Today Microsoft Stock was downgraded to underperform by Bank of ...
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8 Trade Ideas To End The 3rd Week of Nov 2013

eight trade ideas third week of nov 2013
The volatility this week has created some nice trades to end the third week of November. These are some of the stocks on my watch ...
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7 Trade Ideas To End The 2nd Week of Nov 2013

trade ideas second week of November 2013
The selling today has created some new trade opportunities. I have had a number of stocks on my radar and they are now setting themselves ...
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Barrick Gold Stock (ABX) – 4 Rolling Covered Calls Strategies

4 rolling covered calls strategies for ABX Stock
The reason Barrick Gold stock is not the easiest stock to sell options against is because it is a commodity stock. What’s even more difficult ...
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Microsoft Stock After The Earnings With Hide and Seek Covered Calls Strategy

Microsoft Stock covered calls
Yesterday after the close Microsoft Stock surprised investors and analysts alike with both their revenue and earnings. Stunning to say the least, the stock shot ...
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To Start The 4th Week Of October – 10 Trade Ideas

10 trade ideas for 4th week of Oct 2013
With the short-term resolution on the debt ceiling issue stocks have taken off and pushed into new all-time highs. Friday saw too many new 52 ...
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Rescuing A Long-Term Holding from Deep In The Money Covered Calls

Rescue Deep In The Money Covered Calls
Sometimes investors buy stock as a core position for long-term gains but they sell covered calls when they believe the stock has topped only to ...
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Covered Calls, Naked Puts Combo For Severe Stock Decline

Handling S Severe Stock Decline - Stock Market Investing
Often when a core holding stock is in a serious decline one of the first things a lot of investors and analysts will advise is ...
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