Trade Alert – Bank Of Montreal Stock (BMO) for May 16 2014

Trade Alert – Bank Of Montreal Stock (BMO) for May 16 2014

In my Bank of Montreal stock trade alert yesterday I discussed my BMO trade and how I would be adding another 5 naked puts at the June $74 strike. I entered that trade today. I also however bought 500 shares of BMO stock at $74.51 and next week I will sell the June 21 or July 19 slightly in the money $74 covered calls against those 500 shares.

BMO Stock 6 month chart

If you recall the article from yesterday which you can read through this link, the 6 month chart below shows the that two support levels are in play at the present time. After today I have 10 naked puts at the $74 strike for June expiration and 500 shares at $74.51 bought today.

There is no stop-loss in use as I am not worried about the stock falling as I would tuck it away for a long time if I was forced to. If by chance the stock should fall back to around the $68.00 level as it did in the most recent downturn I will sell the in the money $70 put strike or possibly the $72.50 put strike. Any downturn in stocks that is severe enough might be able to push BMO Stock back to the lows of early February when it traded around the $67.50 level. However based on the revenue and earnings numbers I think the stock is undervalued below $70 and would recover easily from any such downturn. By selling the money naked puts at $72.50 and – or $70 in the event of a decline to or below $68 I will earn a very good put premium and wait for the stock to recover.

BMO Stock May 15 2014

BMO Stock 6 months to May 15 2014

That is the plan going into the summer months for BMO Stock and the 10 naked puts I now hold. Remember that in the summer I plan to protect capital as much as possible as I believe we will see a correction in the summer months. If I am wrong and there is no correction I am still earning excellent returns with BMO stock. But like all trades I like to have my plan in place as to what I would do in the event certain events happen.

Stock Purchased Today

The stock bought today will be placed in my TFSA and I will sell the slightly in the money covered calls on Tuesday (Monday being a holiday) or Wednesday. I plan to let the stock be exercised if BMO stays above $74 by the time either June or July options expire. The advantage of the TFSA is simply no tax. I can buy and sell all I want without any worries about income tax and take out the capital at any time again without any concerns about tax.

Trade Details: May 16 2014

Sell to open 5 naked puts BMO Stock June 21 expiry $74 put strike for .64 cents

Bought 500 shares of BMO Stock for $74.51

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