BB&T Stock Trades For 2016 Ends The Year Up 24.5%

BB&T Stock trades for 2016As I continue to complete the trades done in 2016 some trades definitely stand out. One of the more interesting trades was BB&T Stock for 2016. It was the best year to date for trading BB&T Stock with a return of 24.5% against capital invested.

BB&T Stock Assignment

During the year stock was assigned only once which still ended with a profit and a return of 3.86% on the stock trade.

30 Trades Done In 2016

Altogether there were 30 trades done in 2016. Of those trades 24 involved Put Selling primarily using the Weekly Wanderer Strategy and the 10-20-60 moving average strategy. 5 involved the Bollinger Bands Strategy Trade for setting up stock trades and one involved a stock assignment. There were no covered call trades in 2016.

For investors one of the best ways to learn strategies is by reviewing prior trades for their outcome and how they were both handled and at times adjusted.  It will be interesting to see how 2017 fares for BB&T Stock trades.

This trades for 2016 in BB&T Stock is for FullyInformed Members.

BB&T Stock (BBT) Trades for 2016 Return 24.5%

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