Apple Stock Trade Alert In The Million Dollar Challenge Year 4 – Sep 12 2017

Apple Stock AAPL

With the advent of iPhone8 today the stock is back climbing. Looking at the chart below you can understand why I am continuing to setup trades in Apple Stock as I am getting closer to the end of the 4 year Million Dollar Challenge in Apple Stock.

With the unveiling occurring today here is the latest chart on Apple Stock, outlook and 2 trades entered, both of which are about half my normal size in volume of contracts sold.

Short-term trades being done more frequently are designed to boost my Apple Stock Million Dollar Challenge trades as much as possible to reach my goal by December 31 of this year of reaching $1 million dollars in this stock.

Here are today’s latest trades in Apple Stock.

This is the final year of a four year challenge in Apple Stock. Members can review the challenge here.

 The rest of this Apple Stock article is for FullyInformed Members.

Apple Stock Million Dollar Challenge Trade Alert  – Sep 12 2017

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