Abbot Laboratories Stock (ABT) – Trade Alert – June 19 2015 – Weekly Wanderer Strategy

All of my short option positions in Abbott Labs Stock have expired so far this year. There have been no assignments of shares. A lot of the credit for the success of my trades in Abbott Labs Stock goes to the use of the Weekly Wanderer Strategy.  Those investors unaware of the Weekly Wanderer Strategy can review that strategy through this link.

ABT Stock April 6 2015 Trade

I am still holding my stock trade that I started on April 6. Looking at the continued rise in Abbott Labs Stock I may end up holding these shares a bit longer. Since buying the stock on April 6 I have picked up the dividend for 24 cents and the gain on the trade so far is 9.5%.  This will go a long way to boosting my overall annual return this year.

Abbott Labs Stock Trade to June 19 2015

Abbott Labs Stock Trade to June 19 2015

This is what I prefer about my type of investing. Trades can be very short or they can be built around trends that may last longer but the focus is always the same, protection of my capital in use. While the overall stock market is hardly up this year my portfolio is already over 20% for the year and on track to possibly return 40% for the year.

Abbott Labs Stock (ABT) Trade Alert – June 19 2015

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