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Ultimate Oscillator Warnings On Market Direction

The Ultimate Oscillator as regular readers know is among my favored market direction technical timing indicators. As well I enjoy using the ultimate oscillator on many stock positions and it is a main ingredient in many of the strategies I use for profiting from stock and market direction trades, put selling and movements in underlying assets. In short I have a lot of faith in the Ultimate Oscillator. Ultimate Oscillator and Market Direction My ultimate oscillator readings for the past few days on the S&P 500 as the market direction continued to climb / Read More

Walmart Stock Drop Shows The Value Of In The Money Covered Calls

Walmart Stock drop this morning after its earnings release shows the value of watching technical timing indicators and using in the money covered calls to profit from a stock position as well as protect it. Shares of Walmart Stock (Stock symbol WMT) fell over 2.5% today after Wal-mart reported its second quarter earnings. For the second quarter ended July 31, 2012, Wal-mart reported net sales of $113.5 billion. This is a jump of  4.5% over the same period last year. Total revenue for the quarter was $114.3 billion also up 4.5% . Income / Read More

Market Timing System Using The Ultimate Oscillator

Market Timing Systems have been around as long as stock markets. Candlesticks as a market timing system for example was developed in the mid 1700’s in Japan based on the tracking or rice price movements. The candlestick system has millions of followers around the world. Many swear by the accuracy of candlestick market timing system. There are literally dozens more. The moon, planet alignment, weather, interest rate yields, who is in the Whitehouse and literally patterns of all kinds. The market timing system I prefer is based on a variety of market timing / Read More

Microsoft Stock Profiting From MACD

Yesterday and today Microsoft stock performed well, but looking at the chart it is just a bounce from being so oversold a few trading sessions earlier. On Thursday Apr 12 I bought shares in the morning based on the market timing technical indicators, primarily the Ultimate Oscillator, which showed the stock had hit an interim bottom and was going to bounce. This in no way establishes a support level for Microsoft stock just a bounce. It’s easy to tell when you look at the charting on the stock and realize as well that / Read More

SPY PUT Trade Keeps Growing My Cash Cushion

With the recent stock market weakness my SPY PUT Hedge trade is back in use. This weakness at this level is I believe to be expected. The market has had a terrific rally from the lows of November 25 2011 and stock markets just do not go up indefinitely. There has to be a breather for markets to pull back, test for support and then either resume the uptrend or if there is no support than pull back until it finds support. Stock markets can only climb when there are buyers and my / Read More

Ultimate Oscillator Settings For Profit And Income

The Ultimate Oscillator is one of the prime technical timing tools I use every day on just about every trade. This morning (Mar 6 2012) I used it on my latest SPY PUT Hedge trade to take advantage of today’s decline. I am continually asked what settings I would recommend for using the ultimate oscillator for investing. It is important for investors to understand that there is no “holy grail” in investing. There is no “perfect” setting that will suddenly always work and make them rich overnight. Investors need to understand that there / Read More

AGQ ProShares Ultra Silver Investing Strategies Part 3

As many readers are aware I have been busy working on Part 3 of the AGQ ProShares Ultra Silver article to conclude it. It took a lot longer than I had thought to write the final part. After 2 weeks, I have concluded the article which is 52 pages long and details out 4 different strategies that I have used and continue to use on various ETFs and on some stocks. While these strategies are designed for high volatility Ultra ETFs like AGQ, they work well for particularly stocks. For example last week / Read More

Market Timing / Market Direction Ultimate Oscillator Warning

There was an interesting debate today on market timing technicals on the options forum. I enjoyed the debate and realized a long time ago that investors would always be on one side of the fence or the other when it comes to market timing indicators. I like to set aside arguments and use every market timing tool available for my advantage. I believe that market timing technical indicators have a place in every investor’s trading arsenal. Those investors who have used technical tools for years understand that you have to put aside your / Read More

Market Timing / Market Direction - Is There Something We Don't Know

Market timing could not have predicted the move this morning by central banks to provide liquidity to the European Banks. Obviously the European debt issue is more dangerous than market timing tools, investors or average citizens realize. The coordinated move by the Federal Reserve, European Central Bank, Bank of Japan, Bank of Canada, Bank of Switzerland and the Chinese Government is a sign of just how serious the European mess is. Did you find it interesting how on the same day as this occurred we also were given positive news about home sales / Read More

Market Timing / Market Direction Happy Thanksgiving

Sometimes investors can look at the global economic community and without using market timing indicators, know that the situation is becoming worse. With the Thanksgiving weekend in the United States and the week shortened, a lot of investors can take a breather from watching the tumultuous markets. Over the past few days I have received a number of emails complimenting me on a number of good market timing calls on the market direction. While I appreciate the market timing and market direction compliments, it’s not really all that hard to predict presently, since / Read More

SPY PUT - Hedge With Options - 5 Key Points

SPY PUT hedge is without doubt my favorite method of protecting my entire portfolio. Why more investors do not hedge with options, is a question I am often asked. I have no answer. Today is an excellent example. Yesterday the market shot up on unconfirmed news that a 2 trillion-dollar amount was being rumored as the size of a fund to try to turn the tide on the European Debt Crisis. Exactly how piling more debt on already unmanageable debt is going to help is obviously beyond the comprehension of a small investor / Read More

MCD STOCK - McDonalds Stock Returns To My Portfolio

MCD Stock (McDonalds Stock) has returned to my portfolio on Sept 23. I received a lot of emails when I posted my Sept 23 trade in MCD Stock but didn’t do a write up about why I went back to writing puts on MCD stock after 4 months. I finally got around to writing my analysis of  McDonalds stock to explain my decision to sell puts again. Regular readers know that I look at stocks as under-valued and over-valued and when stocks become over-valued and put premiums are small, I close my position / Read More

SPY PUT TRADE - The Ultimate Oscillator Again

The problem with my Spy Put trade for today was that I had not purchased the spy puts yesterday at the close or near the close. Instead most of the day I was busy looking at charts trying to see what positions I would like to put in play for October. So today I decided that with the volatility index (VIX) already up over 41.00 I would rely on the ultimate oscillator to time entry and exit points for my Spy Put Trade. SPY PUT HEDGE – Day Trading With The Ultimate Oscillator / Read More

SPY PUT - Once again the 5 Period SMA Wins Out

After my recent loss in the spy put hedge I use, which you can read about here, I am back to day trading the spy put on weakness and Friday saw some weakness. The market in my opinion remains incredibly soft and any bad news out of Europe is going to have repercussions. I am back using the 5 period simple moving average (SMA) for my daily trades in the spy put. Friday was no different. The market gapped open, which by the way if you have been reading my recent market direction / Read More

SPY PUT Trade - Loss Taken - The Value Of My Cash Cushion

Over the past 4 days my SPY Put trade has not worked out. The market has rallied each day except for Monday. As many readers know on Sept 9 2011 I purchased 40 SPY Put contracts for the OCT 22nd options expiry at the strike of $115 for $5.19 for a total cost was $20,817.00 with commission. The Reason I Put In Play My Spy Put Hedge on Sept 9: My SPY Put Hedge Cash Cushion up to September 9 contained $56533.00. I felt that with Greek, one year sovereign bonds skyrocketing to / Read More

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