Trading For Pennies Strategy Shines On The IWM ETF

I have continued with trades on and off using the Trading For Pennies Strategy over the past two weeks and I have determined that running the S&P 500 chart with the IWM ETF Chart makes this trade strategy really shine.

The last time I updated my Trading For Pennies Strategy in my USA Portfolio was Nov 1 and at that time I had earned $12744.00. Today I completed another trade in the Trading For Pennies Strategy and my total is now at $15644.00.

This is a gain of $2900 and I have done only 4 real-time trades since November 1. The most capital I have risked on the Trading For Pennies Strategy is $11,117.00. I commenced actual trades on October 1 and in less than two months I have earned 140%.

I have targeted in on just doing 1 or 2 trades in IWM in a day. This way it is not very intensive and I do not spend all day in front of the computer waiting for the next setup.

In my comments today I explain why I am increasing the number of option contracts I am buying from 60 to 100.

I suggest for those who have a bit of time each day to learn and then implement a strategy, the Trading For Pennies Strategy is well worth watching and it has entered my portfolio to be used regularly. There is a lot to like about this strategy for those who can day trade. The capital requirement is small, making the risk to a portfolio very small. The time period of trades is short with most of my trades lasting less than an hour. Therefore capital is exposed to the volatility of the stock markets only for short periods of time.

I will write-up my daily trades in IWM using the Trading For Pennies Strategy each day for a while to assist investors. Any questions or to have a trade you have done with the strategy analyzed you can post them  to the daily trades or email me directly or use the Trading For Pennies Questions and Answers section. Most trades can be analyzed in a few minutes so I do not mind assisting investors with this strategy.

This is a winning strategy which I plan to use once daily to boost my overall monthly and annual returns. In my USA Stock Portfolio I have broken out the Trading For Pennies Strategy and the SPY PUT Hedge strategy so investors can see how each strategy is performing.

The Trading For Pennies Strategy is presently only in the FullyInformed Members section. I hope to eventually get a strategy paper in the store for those who want to learn the strategy and apply it on their own. The members section allows for questions and help in analyzing trades. If you are not a member you can join here.

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