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I wrote yesterday about an a trade on Target Stock as earnings trounced the stock. Today for those investors who missed the earnings call, sometimes all is not lost when it comes to another chance to enter a trade to take advantage of the decline in Target Stock. Target Stock’s symbol is TGT

The earnings announcement yesterday hurt Target Stock and pushed it back toward support levels. The JC Penny Store earnings were truly terrible and that stock is still collapsing. This is hurting all retail stocks this morning as investors worry that the news from Target and JC Penny may have a ring that will hit other large retailers as well. This is giving investors pause for thought and is giving other investors a possible second chance to trade Target Stock (TGT).

Target Stock Feb 27 2012

Deja-vu In Target Stock for the day after

Target Stock Déjà vu

Whether you are in front of your computer trading or an “evening armchair investor” with a full-time job and no time to trade during the day, there are always opportunities to watch for. This article looks at how a possible one day plunge which an investor missed, may still offer a trading chance to add some profits to their portfolio.

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