T Stock Trade Closed On Earnings Jan 25 2013

This is a FullyInformed Members article. My T stock trade which commenced on Jan 16 2013 (select this link to view the Jan 16 trade) was closed on Friday Jan 25 2013 with a very nice profit.

T Stock Earnings

T Stock earnings did not meet expectations. Earnings came in at .44 cents a shares versus expectation of .45 to .47 cents. On Friday the stock moved on the news of AT&T buying wireless airwaves from Verizon Wireless for 1.9 billion in cash and spectrum licenses in five markets. These licenses cover 42 million people in 18 states. This is the second deal this week for AT&T. The other was a deal costing $780-million in cash to buy Atlantic Tele-Network Inc.’s Alltel wireless business, which includes spectrum and 585,000 customers. This will increase AT&T’s national spectrum holdings by a third as the company moves to catch up to Verizon Wireless.

T Stock Jan 24 and 25 Stock Action

T Stock has stayed in a very tight range so was the exuberance of investors on Friday morning with the announced 1.9 billion purchase a little overdone or is it a sign of an upturn in the stock’s future?

T Stock On Jan 24 and 25 2013

Was Friday's exuberant opening a little overdone by investors or signs of a rebound in the stock?

T Stock Put Selling Trades Going Forward

How these purchases may impact the bottom line of T Stock and its earnings is difficult to predict at this time and Put Selling T Stock certainly has its advantages including being able to wait to see what changes may come to the bottom line of AT&T to push T Stock higher and hopefully not lower.

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